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Hair care experts believe that with proper hair care

Hair care

Bad hair days are real! Haven’t you found the vibrant, bulky design that appears in hair care commercials like a trumpet dream most of the time? We agree that most of them are very far away.

However, Hair care experts believe that with proper hair care you will be able to achieve your dream of healthy hair. Check out our curatorial list of best hair care tips in this article.

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Hair care

What to do if you do not take care of your hair?

  1. Wash your hair regularly

Regular hair washing will protect the scalp and hair from dirt and excess fat. However, the right frequency will depend on your hair type and personal preferences. If your hair is very dry, limit washing it twice a week. If your scalp is oily, consider washing your hair the next day.

  1. Use a chemical-free shampoo

You can’t really control all the environmental factors that damage your hair, but you can control the type of shampoo you use. Reduce the amount of chemicals in your healthy hair shampoo. Use a mild shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type.
Sulfates and parables are used in shampoos for destruction and manipulation, but over time can irritate the skin and increase the risk of hormonal imbalance.

  1. Correct condition

The conditioner contains ingredients that smooth and care for the hair. Protects hair from harmful environmental factors and heat styling.

However, it should be applied only on the end of the hair, not on the scalp. Also rinse well after application.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally

we know blow drying makes your hair as beautiful as your idol’s hair. However, excessive heating can damage the scalp. If you need style, limit it to important events. Air drying or a towel after shampooing is best. Do not sleep or wipe wet hair with wet hair. Rough rubbing with a towel can damage the hair cuticle. Be good.

  1. Lubricate your hair.

Shampoo treatments, such as oils and massages, improve blood flow to the scalp, relax muscles, improve shine and improve hair condition. It also restores moisture levels, allows hair to grow and restores split ends. You can choose from coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and more. Do not use mineral oil for hair.

Expert advice:

Occasionally apply warm oil and wash your hair with a towel to allow the oil to drain. Apply the mask before shampooing to soothe dandruff on the hair. Helps reduce friction between hair fibers when washing the head.

  1. Use a wide comb

Wet hair is brittle and fragile. Dry your hair and comb it with a wide comb. This type of comb prevents damage to the hair.

  1. Style your hair naturally

Who doesn’t love flashy locks or perfect locks? But this can be done without exposing the hair to heat. Here’s how.
natural hair styling
If you still want to use paint, a straightened or a hair dryer, first invest in a good heat protection serum.

  1. Cut your hair regularly.

Cut ends occur when hair is damaged due to heat, pollution, smoking, stress, etc. Hairstyles do not magically speed up your hair growth. Hair growth occurs on the scalp, but haircuts keep the hair healthy.

  1. Drink more water

Indoor and outdoor moisture is the key to balanced, healthy hair. You can use moisturizers and hair oils, but drinking at least 3 liters of water a day keeps your hair healthy.

10. Eat well

When I write about hair and skin care I always say, “You are what you eat.” Hair is made up of proteins and amino acids. It needs good nutrition to grow and nourish itself well. Eggs, strawberries, nuts, fish, green vegetables, sweet potatoes – these are just a few of the many great products for healthy hair.

  1. Wear a hat on your head

Just as the sun’s rays damage your skin, it also affects your hair. Strong sunlight pulls moisture from your hair, which can make it dry, brittle, and damaged over time. Protect your hair from this damage by wearing a hat when you go outside. Protect your head with a hat when you are in the pool. Chlorinated water is not good for your hair.

  1. Use a headband

We love to show our hair open, but we use elastic bands to reduce our hair’s environmental impact. Use fabric braids instead of plastic braids. Don’t pull your hair too hard when doing a ponytail or any other hairstyle.

  1. Use a hair dryer or an old shirt

It’s new. T-shirts can be used to dry wet hair without damaging the hair. Conventional towels attack dandruff and ultimately damage hair. Save your cute old shirt from now on!

  1. Hot shower

Bathing in hot water removes the natural oils from the scalp, resulting in a dry, smooth scalp.

  1. Stress

When we see someone with healthy hair, we can tell that we’re living our lives and that they care a little. Stress can cause hair loss and healthy hair.

  1. Chemicals

Killer chemicals frizz, and other hair treatments can affect hair follicles, affect hair growth and cause hair loss.

  1. Hair styling products

Long-term heat styling with straightness, hair dryers, and dyes changes the texture of your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

  1. Wash your hair with salt water

Salt water damages hair cuticles, irritates the scalp and damages hair. Avoid chlorine-containing water in swimming pools.

What if you don’t take care of your hair?

If you do not take care of your hair, it may stop growing after a while. Dandruff, hair loss, dryness and flickering can start slowly.
If you do not wash your hair for a long time, your hair may grow back. Yes that sounds good! It can also appear on the scalp. Even if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, more dirt will fall out. Using the wrong hair care products can lead to hair loss and irritation.


But most importantly, if you are experiencing excessive hair loss and hair damage despite proper hair care, see your doctor. And even if you don’t have hair or hair, celebrate anyway.



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