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By now, you may already know that sunscreen is important in preventing skin cancer and maintaining the glow of youth. It helps the skin retain moisture and prevent wrinkles.

But find a formula that suits your lifestyle. (Not to mention that you really want to use it every day.) Another problem. If you want to choose smoke sunscreen for your face. It has a good texture.

face sunscreen

And it works under your makeup or well, be careful:

it doesn’t move, it doesn’t shrink, it makes you greasy. Or leave a disturbing white mark. 
While some bases and powders claim to have SPF, it is usually not enough to protect the skin. The SPF may not be high enough, it’s not high enough, said Danny Robinson, MD, a dermatologist at Modern Dermatology in Went port, Connecticut. And can spread evenly on the face. Choose 30 or more SPFs and apply two sheets of sunscreen on your fingers. Ideal amount of sunscreen for face and neck. You can then apply makeup with sunscreen.
It is important to understand the nature of sunscreen, minerals or chemicals, so that you can make the right choice and use it properly. Mineral sunscreens contain substances such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and chemical sunscreens contain ingredients such as ibuprofen and activate.

Works like a skin shield and protects it from UV rays.

In contrast, chemical sunscreens are absorbed through the skin. Converts and releases UV rays into heat.
When you know what to look for. Keep scrolling to find the best sunscreen for your face while applying makeup. As suggested by the dermatologist
According to experts and studies, 10 natural hair care products
Many women choose to behave naturally (translation: wear hair until it comes out of the scalp, without using any chemical straighteners such as straighteners or curlers), preferring to embrace their curls Give Falling, falling naturally because choosing materials and products requires time, patience and a little practice. Naturalness is not a trend or a phase. But find expert advice and the best hair care products you want to incorporate into your lifestyle (and your adventures).

What is the role of scalp in healthy natural hair?

Hope Mitchell, MD, founder of Mitchell Dermatology in Ohio, says a healthy scalp is essential to achieving and maintaining healthy hair. Bases are like nutrients. Your skull (also called the skull) is very important. And when the foundation is filled with dead skin, oil, sweat, or lumps of food, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Not to mention the main negative effects on hair quality and growth. (Again)

Your hair produces natural oils.

Also known as sebum, it comes from the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Fat retains skin moisture and protects it from infection. But sometimes you can have too much or too little fat. It can cause unhealthy scalp, Mitchell said. Also, when waste and excess oil accumulate in the hair follicles (read where the hair grows), the hair follicles become entangled and cause their particles. I can not breathe. Diverticulitis can cause inflammation of the hair follicles, leading to infections and hair loss and hair loss.

Hair care

How to get rid of symptoms

Similarly, eating too many products can cause oil scalp shine and thick hair. Dr. Mitchell says that products grown on the scalp can prevent the active ingredients from reaching the hair follicles for specific treatments, making it difficult to clean the scalp and hair properly and efficiently.

Another cause of unhealthy scalp?

The skull is home to organisms such as Malaysia (a type of yeast). You may have a condition called severing dermatitis, which may include symptoms such as redness, crusting, and itching. But he warned that adding fillers would only make matters worse. Try a medicated shampoo that contains zinc pyrimidine, which has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. Reduce elongation

Is it necessary to comb your hair regularly?

Improper products or hair reactions can result in scalp irritation. That is why it is so important to choose the right product and make a daily routine. You are primarily investing in your own scan care strategy. This will ensure that your skin is properly cared for. But are you completely ignoring the health of the scalp? Treat your scalp the way you would. Also known as Chaos Curly Friend, Syracuse Curling Expert Shakira Camp aims to clean, exfoliate and moisturize your scalp just like your face.

The camp recommends washing your hair every 5-10 days

Depending on how often you sweat. If you exercise regularly or live in a crowded area, it also warns against eating too many foods at once. She advised me to choose the desired shampoo, conditioner and styling product. Bonus Tip: Camps use herbal jellies to “wash and go” and prefer braided and wavy hair styles as they help shape the hair.
8 Best Shampoos for Curly Hair

Contrary to popular belief,

natural hair owners should avoid heavy oils as the oils thicken and coat the hair. “Push the water the day you wash your hair,” Camp said. Air conditioning should also be avoided every week. Troubleshooting is only done if your hair is very dry, but avoid wrapping at home what you make in the kitchen. (See avocado.) Because these nutrients have a molecular weight, your hair will not break. The camp added that there is a lack of saliva and enzymes for metabolism in the mouth.

All you can do is do what is right for your scalp and what is right for your hair.

Dr. Mitchell recommends cleansing your scalp with warm water and alcohol-free, sulfate-free shampoo. Because it is necessary? Sulfates can extract natural oils from the scalp. Leave to dry and scratch. Massage the scalp daily to distribute the natural oil evenly. And remember that your hair needs water to stay hydrated. So take a spray bottle and spray it on top.
Accepting and learning how to treat your natural hair is a very personal and rewarding process. It has helped many women and men to love each other and share without trusting each other.


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