Two amazing brothers are building a beautiful amusement park an hour away on a charming island off the tip in the worlds.

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I recently visited both gardens. Prepared not only for beauty and Gujjars, but also for the resemblance of two male models. Also ready Opens one entry each day. The brothers became wise in their own way and were as different as their gardens in other places, but here in the glorious spring two documents of their life were opened.

This island is Malaysia.

And it is often described as hanging from the south coast of USA. Slightly higher than West Virginia. The former Portuguese, Dutch and British colonies collapsed during the recent civil war. Here, key elements of the Colonial Commission are preserved: tropical forests, tea gardens, beaches, colorful cities. Ancient monuments and various forms of stone and spice in the air and hundreds of temples and Buddhist temples. In a beautiful tropical setting near the southern port town. Brothers Jeffrey and Beowulf planted two gardens that have become their heritage.

Sri Lanka is multicultural.

It was the homeland of the Vedas, Tamils, middle class and mice, locally called Muslims. Its origins are traced to Europeans who settled in Malaysia in the 17th century. (Since the island was called until 1972), Jeffrey’s ancestors and Beowulf’s father were British and Muslim. His mother is of European and Sinhalese descent (Michael Ondatji, the author was born in Sri Lanka. Coming from a middle class family, he wrote openly in his memoirs about this dynamic and superstitious world.)

Jeffrey (1919-2003) is better known than his brother.

After earning a law degree in England, he devoted himself to architecture. He designed the island’s parliament building. Like many public buildings, it is famous for its hotels, such as the 1.5 km long Heritage Kundalama. On the outskirts of Dambulla, it appears to be out of the woods and has the Jetung Lighthouse in the coastal town of Galle. Jeffrey’s practice of combining local content with contemporary international style has had a huge impact around the world.

Jeffrey laid the foundations for his tree planting, Lonoganga,

built on old rubber plantations in the late 1940s. A notable feature of the park is its large lake at the foot of a steep hill. The movement of the English landscape greatly influenced his plans. There is a large lawn from the original house to the lake. Pharisee with Guy (now a hotel) (Jeffrey loves black and white everywhere and Dalman), water parks and small rice fields. Dense, beautifully painted guestrooms and artwork add to the British touch.
Jeffrey had no doubt about the designer’s attitude towards his garden. His philosophy is dedicated to the idea of supernatural domination over people. Move water, hills and trees for no reason But in the middle is a drop of beautiful moon trees.

And when I put a big jug of porcelain down, the man’s hand was in the middle of that distance.

This is a very natural phenomenon that is difficult to describe as man-made. Ondatje tells the story of a man who comes to Lononganga and says, But Mthat would be a good place. Garden?

Beyos Bawa (1909-1992) uses his power in different ways.

Lamado L. Jordan Short, who is also legally independent, is the largest and most naturalist in Beowulf. Tropical Mismo Pesavis, a reference to life

Beowulf was 10 years older than Jeffrey and handsome at 6’7 “, a volunteer from Sri Lanka as a light infantryman. He served until his art and garden were won. Beowulf began gardening. Rubber Tree Planting) In 1929, about 20 years before his brother, the design takes a narrow path through dense tropical vegetation.

Ramps up and down.

Then place with open stairs, patio, pond or strategy. There are statues that have been made. It is as if Bois himself is demanding its aims, moments and forest.
When I visited both gardens in one day, I was moved by different emotions. The barbarity of the two resulted in the Beowulf Garden, which I had seen before, but was warmer and more intimate. The monsoon rains have just ended. It left a damp, humid atmosphere as a drop of water waved on the palm leaves and the rain slipped on the road like a small snake.


No tourist is brave in hot and humid weather.

And I don’t think there is a guide who will follow me. Yet I do not feel alone. The road leads me from landscape to landscape. Each path is more dramatic than the next. I felt like I was being taken by an invisible driver who told me where to stop and where to look. Or sitting down is magic. Every time I turned, I felt the palms of monsters and tropical plants come over my head. We are ready to attack and return to the jungle which Beas successfully captured.

It had the opposite effect on Jeffrey’s garden.

The guide took me to see the rice fields and lakes in the background. From trees to cinnamon hill, with frozen grass in the meadow. I like binoculars from the big house on the top of the hill. Everything in heaven is open. Park seemed familiar with the English woman. The cows graze well. Tropical plants can sometimes be seen in different parts of the region.

A garden that reminds me of where I am

Jeffrey’s appearance was beautiful and controlled as he traveled. An image of a mixture of the more humorous Beowulf Garden flashed through his mind. Then I started laughing and then I asked David Robson, the author of Bawa, what he thought of Sri Lankan gardens, these two gardens. “Amir is wise,” he wrote to me. More decoration, more harmony. Jeffrey Bawa may have intended to create a European-style garden in the Sri Lankan version. But in the end, he created something else in debt.

Horticulture and landscaping traditions with Sri Lanka.

So Beavis built his garden, and Jeffrey built his garden. And after seeing the results, even if you don’t know anything about that person. You can guess right. In contrast, Beowulf and Jeffrey have created two perfect works from the fertile soil of Sri Lanka. This has resulted in the creation of two beautiful gardens that have set family records for generations to come.

More places to see

The Paradine Royal Botanical Garden covers 147 acres along the Mahavali River in Colombo, northeastern Sri Lanka, and includes more than 200 species of palm trees, orchid houses, giant fig trees, and an annual Victorian garden trail. Hotels designed by Jeffrey Bavi are found in Sri Lanka. For a completely different experience, visit Novara Elia in the central mountainous region of the island. Home to colonial tea gardens, the town is full of English cottages and is a great place to explore gardens.

(Some are available for tasting) and admire the beauty of the tea trees, which are planted in easy rows on the hill.

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